Volunteering: Reclaiming Our Wild Spaces, Pitsford Water Nature Reserve

The serene wild spaces in the UK, renowned for their natural beauty, are under threat. It might come as a surprise, but sometimes nature needs a little helping hand to maintain its equilibrium.

Last week, a team of us volunteered to address an important issue plaguing our woodlands and in this case, Pitsford Nature Reserve managed by the Wildlife Trust for Beds, Cambs & Northants by whom the day was organised.

With tools in hand and determination in our hearts, we ventured into an area of woodland containing some of the reserve’s oldest trees. Our mission? To clear young and coppiced Sycamore (surprisingly a non-native and highly successful species), allowing sunlight to pierce through and offer other species a fighting chance to reclaim their space.

It was a day of hard work, camaraderie, and shared purpose. We left with a sense of achievement, having played a part in preserving the delicate balance of our cherished wild spaces.

To all who joined in this effort, Dave Walkden (Managing Director, TPA), George Butterworth (Graduate), Clive Boon (Strategic Account Manager, TPA), Jake Waterman (National Sales Manager, Torrent Trackside) and Joe Parkes (Graduate) a hearty thank you for all your hard work!

This volunteering day was possible through a Vp conservation project with The Wildlife Trusts where we have sponsored agricultural training for land advisors within various Wildlife Trusts around the UK.

For more information on how Vp supports environmental initiatives and opportunities to get involved, contact our Sustainability Team at Sustainability@vpplc.com.

Author: Joe Parkes


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