Nature Conservation

Globally, over half of global GDP relies directly or indirectly on nature, making it the most productive component of our economy. World Economic Forum

To date, the UK has failed to reverse the steep loss of biodiversity with 41% of UK species in decline and one in 10 species threatened with extinction.

To do our part, Vp are proud to sponsor some of the best examples of nature conservation projects around the UK each year including the reintroduction of beaver, bison, lynx and eagles and the restoration of seagrass beds, wildflower meadows, sand dunes and peatlands.

This year, we are especially proud to have committed support to the training of Wildlife Trust land advisors who, given >70% of the UK’s land is farmed, have a crucial role in promoting nature alongside our food production to the betterment of both.

Last September, six colleagues visited the Isle of Arran project site of the coastal conservation project we were supporting around Scotland for rock pooling and beach cleaning.

To maximise colleague involvement with these projects and the wider natural world, we select projects around the whole of the UK to give all colleagues a chance to participate and support with their time. Colleagues do not have to take leave to volunteer on these days.


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