Net Zero Carbon

Our transition plan to net zero comprises of our net zero, and short term targets described within the section Targets. This strategy is designed and actioned via our Environmental Steering Group led by our CEO Neil Stothard which meet regularly.

To properly reflect the level of priority these issues occupy within the Board’s governance structure, ESG accountability has been formally recognised as a matter to be routinely reviewed at Board level. Coupled with our transition plan, our climate change strategy has recently been ratified into our newly published Climate Change policy.

As a major supplier to the UK Government, we published our Carbon Reduction Plan in November 2022 in response to Procurement Policy Note 06/21 detailing our commitments, progress to date, pathways and initiatives. Our Carbon Reduction Plan can be accessed from the Resource Centre on this website.

We understand the need to be transparent and follow best practices with our reporting on climate change. Our carbon footprint was calculated in accordance with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and World Resources Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol, along with HM Government’s Environmental Reporting Guidelines and DEFRA’s 2022 UK Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors for Company Reporting.

Our statutory greenhouse gas emissions data (scope 1 & 2) for the period 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023 is set out below:

Y/E 2023 Y/E 2022
UK Scope 1 (tonnes CO2e) 15,363 15,332
Scope 2 Location-based (tonnes CO2e) 1,269 1,891
Scope 2 Market-based (tonnes CO2e) - 66
Total Scope 1 & 2 (Tonnes CO2e) Location-based 16,632 17,213
Total Scope 1 & 2 Market-based (tonnes CO2e) 15,363 15,388
Energy Consumption of Scope 1 & 2 (kWh) 65.4m 64.2m
Intensity Ratio Location-based (tonnes CO2e per £m revenue) 50 54
Intensity Ratio Market-based (tonnes CO2e per £m revenue) 46 48
Y/E 2023 Y/E 2022
GLOBAL Scope 1 (tonnes CO2e) 17,736 17,356
Scope 2 Location-based (tonnes CO2e) 1,463 2,574
Scope 2 Market-based (tonnes CO2e) 676 749
Total Scope 1 & 2 Location-based (tonnes CO2e) 19,199 19,930
Total Scope 1 & 2 Market-based (tonnes CO2e) 18,412 18,105
Energy consumption of Scope 1 & 2 (kWh) 76.4m 73.7m
Intensity Ratio Location-based (tonnes CO2e per £m revenue) 52 57
Intensity Ratio Market-based (tonnes CO2e per £m revenue) 50 52

Note: Location-based calculations use the average emissions intensity of the grid where we obtain the energy, while market-based calculations use the emissions intensity based on the specific energy mix that we procure.

The Vp Group has a strong track record of decoupling our growth as a business and our carbon emissions. We have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions with CO2 equivalent tonnes per £m revenue from 101 tonnes per £1m revenue in 2010 to 48 tonnes per £1m revenue at year end 31st March 2023, a reduction of 52%.

Scope 1 & 2 Emissions

Tonnes per £1m revenue

Vp seeks to maximise the efficiency of its energy consuming assets. We are pleased to announce we have achieved ISO 50001 – the Energy Management System accreditation in all UK sites. This has formalised continuous improvement in energy efficiency and reinforces sustainable behaviours.

Training throughout the Group on energy efficiency and environmental awareness has resulted in behavioural changes such as reduced engine idling and turning off lights and unnecessary heating. Embedding new behaviours combined with LED replacements in 2023 led to energy consumption reductions of c. 7% which equates to substantial reductions in carbon emissions. We expect to maintain these trends as we continue with site refurbishments.

A number of our businesses (Brandon Hire Station, ESS, MEP Hire and Groundforce) have recently achieved the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) gold certification across their entire branch networks. This attests to their meaningful improvements in efficient use of fuel, reductions in total fuel usage and transport related CO2 output.


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