Waste, Water, Plastic & PPE

The vast majority of our old fleet when it leaves operational control, by both number and weight, is sold either directly to customers or via auction to increase its working life. We track and aim to minimise the amount of fleet sold directly as scrap metal and push for supplier buy-back details to promote the circular economy whilst acknowledging some old fleet when sold is beyond economical repair and will be broken down into component parts. Where possible, we also look to repurpose parts of old fleet for extended life elsewhere and this is especially true with batteries.

Y/E 2023
Y/E 2022
Y/E 2021
% Diverted from landfill

In recognition of our waste strategy and progress, we have won a Green World Award. We maintain a high percentage of waste diverted from landfill (95%) and continue to increase the proportion sent to recycling. To increase our recycling ratio and decrease overall waste produced in line with our waste target, we have switched waste provider and consolidated all contracts onto one supplier for improved management and data provision.

0 %
Reduction in total waste produced

Throughout the business, we continue to upgrade our interceptors to recycle rainwater and grey water, and where feasible we are investing in rainwater harvesting infrastructure.  We have managed to consolidate the majority of our water contracts to enable tracking and evaluation of water use.

TPA Worksop’s rainwater collection tanks able to hold 60,000 litres.


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