Case Study: MEP Hire’s SureLock Pro

MEP Hire is a true specialist in mechanical, electrical and low-level access

hire to the UK’s construction trades. Testament to their success is their commitment to working with suppliers to further innovate products with the aim of making them safer, more efficient and reduce their impact on our planet.

Back in March 2018, MEP Hire asked supplier Metal & Modular to design a range of storage and cutting solutions for use on construction sites that would not only be strong and secure, but would also be more
sustainable to produce. MEP Hire also wanted to be able to repair any faults with the units within their branch network, eliminating the need to return items to the manufacturer for repairs.

In September 2020, Metal & Modular presented back a range of storage vaults and cutting stations made using the patented SureLock Pro Manufacturing System – a modular design that reduces the amount of welding used in production. MEP Hire adopted this immediately having met their sustainability and security requirements, as well as securing the Sold Secure Silver Accreditation.

By adopting the SureLock Pro Manufacturing System within our range of storage and cutting solutions, we are helping to reduce the impact our operations have on our planet, and therefore reduce the impact our customers’ operations have too. Yet, we are not compromising on quality in any way. Surelock Pro vaults are both strong and durable – hardy enough for even the largest and busiest of construction sites.
commented Ewan Sanderson, Product Director, MEP Hire

The SureLock Pro range are produced using 85% less welding, which has
significant environmental benefits. On average, there is approximately four metres of welding saved in the manufacture of each storage vault.

Since February 2021, MEP Hire has taken delivery of around 2,300 storage vaults in a range of sizes – around 55% of the companies vault range is now SureLock Pro. MEP Hire has contributed to saving over 23,000 kg of CO² and 19,550+ kWh in electricity since 2021.

Additionally, being able to carry out repairs in branch is estimated to have saved over 11,500 road miles to date. MEP Hire’s range of SureLock Pro solutions include; mobile workbenches, cutting stations and tool vaults, which are available to view on their website at:

About MEP Hire
MEP Hire, a division of Vp plc, provides mechanical, electrical, press-fitting and low-level access products to the UK’s building services trades.

Originally founded in 1992, MEP Hire’s rich history has built them an enviable reputation for innovation, quality, service and reliability.

Since 2013, MEP Hire branched-out into low-level access products and now offer one of the most comprehensive, youngest and best-maintained fleets in the industry.

MEP Hire offer national coverage from 13 branches across the UK, priding themselves in the specialist knowledge, expertise and skills their dedicated colleagues offer.


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