Nature Safari and Wellbeing Day, Wilder Blean, Kent

On the crisp morning of 20th July, four Vp volunteers joined Nina from the Kent Wildlife Trust for a nature safari and wellbeing day.


We enjoyed an informative walk with Nina, who told us about the project explaining how recently the Bison, released last year, have been now joined by the bull of the heard (delayed by Brexit paperwork) as well as Iron-Age pigs, Longhorn cattle and Exmoor ponies. Together these heards manage the woodland each in their unique way creating light and new patches of soil for early colonising plants.

The highlight of the day was by far seeing the bison, a female with her calf.  Just incredible.


After lunch we went into the woods, learnt some bush craft skills and used sweet chestnut branches to make mallets. Very handy with camping season upon us.

The next steps for the project, Nina explained, is to build wildlife bridges for the bison to be able to expand into more habitat which for now is limited to 50 hectares given current Dangerous Wild Animal legislation.


Read more about the project here.


Author: Charlotte Hoffman


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