Groundforce Divisions Transition to Electric Forklifts

With a commitment to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint, Groundforce Shorco, Piletec and Mr Cropper have undertaken a major initiative to switch 90% of their forklift trucks from traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). This ambitious project has been implemented across all 17 of the Groundforce depots nationwide. The successful transition to EVs saved the business over 600 tonnes of CO2 per year and has also improved air quality and noise pollution for employees and other stakeholders.


Groundforce recognised the environmental impact of their operations and the potential to make a meaningful change by transitioning their fleet of forklift trucks to electric power. Traditional ICE forklift trucks emit greenhouse gases and air pollutants, contributing to air pollution and climate change. By converting to EVs, Groundforce aimed to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, set an example in the construction industry, and reduce their environmental impact significantly.


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