Volunteering: East Blean Woodlands Volunteer Day

On Tuesday 22nd November, a team of six volunteers from Vp plc assisted with the management of the East Blean woodlands which is still crucial to encourage wildlife diversity until the bison herd grows in number and fulfils this role.

Attendees: Carl Pledger (Fitter – MEP Hire), Neil Jenner (Fitter – Torrent Trackside), Daniel Bees (Business Support Manager – Brandon Hire Station), Sarah Laide (Branch Manager – Brandon Hire Station), Seb Syce (Branch Manager – Brandon Hire Station) and Marcus Adams (Workshop Supervisor – Brandon Hire Station).

Carl Pledger, Fitter – MEP Hire, reports:

“Members from MEP Hire, Brandon Tool Hire and Torrent Trackside, took a day volunteering to help Kent Wildlife Trust in Canterbury. We all had the opportunity to work with the Trust to help coppicing woodlands. Coppicing is a repeat process in which we cut down trees almost to the base. This results in several new shoots growing up in the space from where the tree once stood. We do this in order to make an enriching environment for the wildlife, before it grows back again in the spring, where the process will take place again. The branches we cut were used to create long hedges which will eventually rot down to enrich the earth beneath. The hedges are currently used to create a barrier on the edge of the woodlands and provides a suitable hiding place for all wildlife. It also maintains a safe path for the public and their dogs to take lovely strolls together.

All this work has been in aid of opening up the woodland to capture sunlight, allowing the ground to flourish and grassland areas to thrive. It was wonderful to experience an out of work activity, so different from our normal day to day routines. At the same time, we felt privileged to assist with something so obviously worthwhile as we could contribute to the trusts work and efforts in providing for our wildlife.

It was such a great experience to learn about how the species develop in open space woodlands and meet a new team with an honourable dedication to their work. Should we be given the option to help the trust again, the general feeling was that we would all be pleased to take part in the future.”

These volunteering opportunities are available to Vp employees through Vp’s sponsorship of Kent Wildlife Trust’s visionary Wilder Blean project where a bull bison from Germany has now joined the female herd.


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