Case Study: MEP Hire Product Innovation


Back in March 2018, MEP Hire briefed their supplier Metal & Modular to design a security vault for use on construction sites that would not only be strong and secure, but that would also form a

modular design and reduce welding and energy consumption. MEP Hire also wanted to be able to repair any faults at branch, cutting out the need to send the item back to the manufacturer for repairs.


In September 2020, Metal & Modular presented back a range of vaults made using the patented SureLock Pro Manufacturing System. This was adopted immediately by MEP Hire, as

 it had not only met, but also exceeded the expectations of its original brief. SureLock is produced using 85% less welding in its construction, having significant environmental benefits.   


Since February 2021, MEP Hire has taken delivery of around 1,650 vaults in a range of sizes – around 35% of the company’s vault range is now SureLock.


On average, there is approximately 4 metres of welding saved in the manufacture of these vault ranges, and in production alone, MEP Hire has contributed to saving over 20,000 Kg of CO² and 17,000+ kWh in electric. Additionally, being able to carry out repairs in branch, is estimated to have saved over 10,000 road miles in carriage for repairs.


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